2020 Farm Suppers


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  • Aug 8
  • Sept 12
  • Oct 10

Product Description

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Join us for a season of delightful farm suppers, each 3:30pm – 7:00 pm. Enjoy several courses, made with food grown on the farm and freshly harvested. Before dessert, enjoy a walk-about the farm on a guided tour.

Farm supper reservations are offered on a sliding scale.

Why a sliding scale?
We want these suppers to be reasonable accessible to all who wish to come; and we offer the opportunity for those who are able to pay more in the spirit of supporting the continued growth of Ananda Farm. We are grateful for the generosity of so many friends who help support this farm.

At the upper right, select the number of guests in your party, and your payment, dietary, and date preference. We look forward to having you at the farm!

Cancellation policy
You must cancel or change your reservation 48 hours in advance to receive a refund or a change in date. Thank you.

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