Lavender Hydrosol for burns

Camano-LavenderOne of the products being produced at Ananda Farms Camano is lavender hydrosol, using lavender grown on the farm. This preparation is very effective in preventing kitchen burns and treating sunburn.

Lavender Hydrosols are made by distilling Lavender flowering stalks. Distillation converts the volatile liquid (the essential oils) into a vapor and then condenses the vapor back into a liquid – it is the most popular, and cost effective method in use today to produce essential oils and hydrosols. Literally all of the commercial products of lavender hydrosols have extracted the lavender essential oil so only the water portion is left. By contrast, the process Sara, Joanne and Hailey are using at both Ananda Farms and at the Community leaves lavender essential oil in the mix.

Lavender Essential Oil has special healing properties.

Lavender Healing Mist contains Lavender EO dispersed in natural Lavender Hydrosol. Gently rotate bottle by rolling it in your hands before each use to distribute EO throughout solution. Spray a newly burned area with Lavender Healing Mist immediately. The more rapidly the burned area is treated, the more likely it will prevent blister formation.



SaraD recommends that you keep the Lavender Healing Mist in the refrigerator for two reasons: 1) it will be handy to treat kitchen burns and 2) to protect the remedy because we use no preservatives.

After spraying the burn with Lavender Healing Mist, then coat the area with Calendula Gel (Boiron). This will dry like egg white to protect the burn site.

Ananda Farms uses a Steam Distillation Method?

Distilling essential oils using the straight steam method involves pushing steam through the plant material and then picking up the essential oil

How Does the Essential Oil Distilling Equipment Affect the Oil?

The size and material of the cooking chamber, the condenser type and the separator all can change the outcome of the oil. Vertical steam distillation seems to produce the best quality oil when distilling essential oils. It protects the therapeutic benefits and there is no risk of overheating the plant material!


Ananda Farms is using Jeanne G’s beautiful copper distiller this season, but we will need to return it after this year. Our goal is to purchase our own copper distiller and a percentage of our sales will go into a fund for our own distiller.

Watch for Lavender Healing Mist Essential Oil Burn Remedy for sale here on this website soon. For more information about the remedy or to buy now, email SaraD at