Farm Team

Zach and Hailey have been here since the beginning. Zach is passionate about trees; grafting, planting, and sharing. You can find him in the garden sowing seeds and getting the little (and big) things done! Hailey is devoted to herbs in the garden and in the medicine cabinet. Look for her at the markets and among the flowers.

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Glenda, fondly known as Glendibird, flies around the farm helping wherever she is needed. She specializes in growing and harvesting tomatoes, preserving the summer bounty, and picking thousands of nasturtiums for our famous Prana Mix.




Dakshina, our resident fiber artist, is a lady of many talents. Her love of the alpacas manifests in happy animals, and beautiful hats, scarves, headbands, rugs, and more.  In the spring you will find her in the forest harvesting nettles for soup and medicine!





Paean joined the farm family in July 2016, fresh off the jet plane from Fairfield, Iowa, where she graduated in June from Maharishi University. Her degree is in Sustainable Living, and as part of her senior project she wrote an incredible Yogic Cookbook (available for sale through the farm!). She brings a calm and blissful presence to the farm kitchen, gardens, and herb shop. She also plays a beautiful violin, and is best friend to the kitties, chickies, dogs, and the people.


Stanley James is a farmer at heart, now residing at our Urban Farm in Lynnwood. He is the long awaited┬áresident gardener offering peace of mind to the Camano folks as he keeps watch over the gardens. He can often be found spreading the mulch all around; “Mulch is love!” He hails from Spokane, has a great affinity for freshly pulled radishes, and aspires to be a smile billionaire when he grows up.