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Ananda Farm no-till community-grain-growing experiment


 Ananda Farm no-till community-grain-growing experiment –
This Saturday, April 26, 11 am – 4 pm
Lunch served at 1 pm ($5)

The first annual community grain sowing happens this Saturday at the farm on Camano Island

What is this for?
To prepare seed beds and sow grains and chickpeas at the farm for the 2014 season.

Last year we began the exploration of no-till grain growing, with Barley, Oats, Quinoa and Rye.  No till means no tractor and thus no disruption to the life in the soil, and no dependence on oil. The goal is sustainability as a farm and community, and cultivating uplifted consciousness in our farming methods.

Who can help?
All are invited to participate. and opportunities for service do not discriminate by size, talents, age, hair color, size or shape. All those with love for life are welcome to participate and take a hand in growing the farm’s abundance.

This is an experiment, and one we are sure to learn from. Come be students of nature with us, and learn together as we grow.

In Joy
Zach, Hailey, Glenda & Nivritti
The Ananda farmers

Questions? Ask ’em here!

Please park at
732 Haven Place
Camano Island

Spring Garden Tour and House Blessing

Enjoy Lunch and Tour the Farm

Sunday March 16th

orchard terraces

  • Vegetarian Lunch at 1:00pm @ Haven Place
  • Haven House Blessing @ 2:15pm
  • Garden Tour at 2:30pm
  • Parking @ 732 Haven Place, Camano Island

Spring is Coming…

The plants have gone dormant for the winter, but we haven’t! Help us welcome our second spring here on Camano Island. Come view transformations in the landscape, meet new animals, see the first plants of the year, and enjoy lunch with friends.

Walk about the Farm…

We love working out here with Mother Nature and are looking forward to sharing with you!

packies and rudi

  • See for yourself where this year’s fruits, vegetables, and herbs will grow.
  • We’ll point out the soil building plants and identify beneficial native plants that have lived here all along.
  • Take a look in our nursery to see what is yet to go out, and what you might like to take home.
  • Peek in the greenhouses to see plants getting an early start.
  • Meet the 6 alpacas, 5 chickens, the cat & dog.

We look forward to seeing you!


Healing Gardens

painting app by ChandiNow is the time to visit the healing gardens on the Ananda Farms at Camano,Island.

I had the pleasure to visit on Saturday to help Hailey and Zack during the Saturday harvest. Something touched me so deeply when Zack talked about the harmony, how they planted certain combinations together, and the ancient ways of the Native Americans. It was so moving. I could resonate on the deeper truth of his wisdom while we picked.  We didn’t even touch the surface of the bounty that lays in this land. It felt like each plant was raising up sweetly as a choir,in joyful service to us.

Then the next day after service, a little voice touched me and said; “You need to return to help them get ready for our “spiritual leaders”of Ananda Worldwide to come! This is an important time, for their blessing.” Since school is out for the summer, I thought, what day is this? When are they coming? Do I have the time to make it?

So I quickly called Bhakti and we cleared our schedule to help serve in what ever way was needed.

I had more than a couple of astral experiences there.  I was sitting on the porch bathing in the morning sunlight right after our morning Sadhana, listening to the bees singing their astral songs amidst the California lilacs. What a gift! There must have been 100 bees singing in Joy.

I can’t wait to return again to the farm to be replenished mind, body and soul.

Take an afternoon, to be in this healing consciousness of all life in balance. There isn’t any separation from our meditation practices and walking this land. Chant in the gardens and join Hailey and Zack as you too, will be touched as I was.