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Spring Garden Tour and House Blessing

Enjoy Lunch and Tour the Farm

Sunday March 16th

orchard terraces

  • Vegetarian Lunch at 1:00pm @ Haven Place
  • Haven House Blessing @ 2:15pm
  • Garden Tour at 2:30pm
  • Parking @ 732 Haven Place, Camano Island

Spring is Coming…

The plants have gone dormant for the winter, but we haven’t! Help us welcome our second spring here on Camano Island. Come view transformations in the landscape, meet new animals, see the first plants of the year, and enjoy lunch with friends.

Walk about the Farm…

We love working out here with Mother Nature and are looking forward to sharing with you!

packies and rudi

  • See for yourself where this year’s fruits, vegetables, and herbs will grow.
  • We’ll point out the soil building plants and identify beneficial native plants that have lived here all along.
  • Take a look in our nursery to see what is yet to go out, and what you might like to take home.
  • Peek in the greenhouses to see plants getting an early start.
  • Meet the 6 alpacas, 5 chickens, the cat & dog.

We look forward to seeing you!



The BoysWe have four new residents at Ananda Farms Camano.  Left to right they are Vermeer, Pascal, Toulouse and Hobbes, all male alpacas.  We will have two female alpacas moving in soon.  Their job is to eat grass, manifest organic fertilizer, and grow fleece.  They will be sheared in the spring for their own comfort.  So as to not waste a thing, we’ll turn that fleece into roving or yarn that can be used to create beautiful fabric and garments.