our roots…

Ananda Farms began at the Ananda Community in Lynnwood by developing small garden plots into a subscription farm (known as a CSA-Community Supported Agriculture). In December 2012 this effort expanded and Ananda Farm on Camano Island was born.

A commitment to sustainable food systems inspired 25 individuals to pool resources together to purchase land on Camano Island. There are two resident care-takers that run the farm, Hailey Anderson and Zachary Abbey, with support from Camano Island friends and our Ananda family.

IMG_0615what we do…

We specialize in hand-cultivated, naturally-farmed organic produce and fruit, as well as wildcrafted and garden-grown herbal medicinal products for health and vitality.


Healing Herbs



Ananda Farm Mission

  • Simple Living — High Thinking
  • Community based Solutions; cooperative spirit as the alternative to competition and greed.
  • Holistic and diverse food eco-systems that harmoniously support our community of people and our Mother in Nature.
  • Cultivation of right attitudes in ourselves, that the seeds we sow may be seeds of Love for All Life.